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There is no end for new Android OS. Right now, Google brings a new Android O, but the full packed version it’s not completed at all. Do stay with more time with lots of new updates. You find many useful features of the previous of Android Nougat, but the new Android O becomes more attractive to use every function from your Android phone.

The site Mashable finds out some useful features on Android O, which becomes more attractive and the feature brings much easier from your phone.

* Now, the Android O brings more emoji through on their library, even you missed this feature fills your gap.

* Google says, the new Android operating system presents a new Smart sharing, which brings a recommendation for your photos to your favorite apps. Not only for your phone, it can introduce your video, links, text and also different content that you mobile can read your content easily.

* From this Android O, you can bring a different icon to your installed applications as a default.

* Android O brings more enhancement on notifications. Any important message will be snoozing the notification for later viewing.

* The app, adding more wait for notification through badge notifications, which brings dots that will appear on the icon to show notification on any app. And you continue pressing on the app may find your details on the notifications.

Like this you can background color for notifications, new appearance for notification with channels, Android TV launcher, Android logo animation, and well feature Picture-in picture. To know about details, check it out through clicking the link below given to.

That’s it.

Via: Mashable

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