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Chirp, it’s called a Twitter Lite application come to saving data, when you use on your desktop computer. This tool allows you to access Twitter on your computer at the situation you can save a lot of data compared to the browser. It has a lite design to access Twitter on low network coverage. The software has ”Data Saver” once you get enable the tool automatically use less data while using your Twitter account and also it keeps hiding your picture and video from your timeline to secure more data.

Once you have installed the Chirp, you are able to use Twitter from there you can view timeline, views and edit the profile, trending tags, notifications, direct messages, and more. You can hear many apps available on the web, which allow you to access Twitter, but this Chirp totally different which gives you save data and the usage of data comes less.

How To Access Twitter in Chirp on PC:

* Download Chirp

* Sign-in with Twitter account

* Check out your timeline, profile, notification, messages, search and more

* Click Profile on the left corner

* Scroll down to see ”Data Usage” underneath of ”Who to follow”

* Two additional option ”Data Saver” and ”No image preview in timeline”

Once you enable No image previews in timeline, you can get previews otherwise the picture or videos becomes hidden preview in the timeline.

In total, when you use this Chirp for Twitter, you can save data as much as.

That’s it.

Source: Chirp Via: Ilovefreesoftware

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