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You don’t need to find extra installation of SSD card on your Windows 10 to make faster your computer. Naturally, your new Windows 10 desktop gets loose some shiny, and they some boost to get back to the position. Now, we are going to see some step which it comes useful and the feature power up your computer PC. The site CNET pointed out nicely on their.

* The new Windows 10 Start menu looks beautiful and you can see every moment, but the option, it affects some area of the Windows system. To get back those functions, you can turn off those transparency from Start menu, taskbar, and other action center. Load the Windows 10, go ahead to Settings–>Personalization–>Colors–>Toggle off Make Start, taskbar, and action center transparent.

* If you see Windows 10, it has extra effects, that you need to customize. To enter the effects, all you have to do right-click from the Start menu–>System–>Advanced system settings–>Advanced tab–> under Performance–>Settings. In Visual Effects tab–> choose Adjust for best performance or Custom–> Apply–>Ok.

* Actually, Windows computer gets booting up long a time and turn on Fast Startup, otherwise you can disable some unwanted application from your PC.

* The Windows computer has troubleshot program, which finds the errors and fix easily on the board.

* Normally, your computer gets started up, then the boot menu takes a little bit time to load the operating system. And also it takes a time to run the Windows in Safe Mode. For this situation, you can save the seconds by changing the boot menu time.

* Your computer has installed Windows 10, the operating system gives a little tips to run smoother and safer.

* To improve performance your Windows, you can bring them to clean the hard drive. Doing this way you can get a lot of enhancement to your computer.

* If your computer has preinstalled application, you can rid off them.

* Regularly, you are doing Power Saver mode, which wouldn’t bring any changes on to your computer.

* The best way you can restart the PC, after you can check out the changes on your Windows 10 computer desktop.

That’s it.


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