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Anyway, now this basic element required when you compare to other operating system, iPhones wanted precaution to make shutdown within time frame. Whether it needs to set the app, secure from overheating the device, or save battery life, and the power button are the many resources that taking full control and presenting the order. If it goes wrong, then you can find a simple solution that may cover you.

Finds you AssistiveTouch, if your iPhone gets unstable power button, you can use to lock and sleep the device from running application. And many more things it comes under this option. Through on AssistiveTouch, go ahead to Device, press and hold the lock screen icon, ”Slide to Power Off” the slider button will be displayed. If you want to find some new path to access AssistiveTouch, the new iOS 11 have given up simple solutions to sort out. The newly arrived operating system, you can higher ”Show Down” turn off button which may help you the final settlement to power off the device the time you need on it.

To activate this shutdown screen button, you simply have to follow a few steps:

* Settings

* General

* Accessibility

* AssistiveTouch under interaction

* Tap the toggle to enable the AssistiveTouch

* Find the rounded rectangle button

* Tap on AssistiveTouch icon and load the live screen controls

* Device 

* Tap and hold on the lock screen, once the device power off completely.

* Press Slide to Power Off

That’s it.

Via: Wonderhowto, iMore 

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