Watch out your Nintendo Switch through from Sleep mode, for this you have find on the lock screen. All you have to do press A open the lock screen, after that press thrice to unlock the game console. When you enter the lock screen you don’t find any password or PIN code, so there is no any security connected. If you skip those steps, then here is the step you can find out the lock screen to switch off. The site How-To Geek pointed a very simple function. You can also try on your game console.

Inside Nintendo game console, you can press three times any part of the screen which display ”Lock Screen.” It means the lock screen doesn’t a main screen it is a second layer screen once you get wake up the Nintendo console. If the Nintendo comes with standby mode, you can boost up by pressing power or home buttons.

The screen display ”A” Continue and you press any button on this screen to move into the past, whether you have connected, the same require three times to press the screen to unlock the Nintendo console. Whether you don’t the option on the top right corner ”Don’t Lock next time.”

If your lock screen has disabled, you are able to watch out the primary screen with A continue, at the same time skip three time button. If your game console activated, you can make the quick disable lock screen on the settings menu. Nintendo’s home screen–>System Settings –> Screen Lock –> Lock Console in Sleep Mode–> ON–>OK.

That’s it.

Via: How-To Geek

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