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If you get connected with Alexa and Slack to reply to every single email, then you get to with this tiny application from your Android phone.

There is no famine in email to Google Play Store, but when it comes a new app, then you are curious to use, at the same time the app along with AI email.

When it comes to download on your mobile phone, it’s a valuable to walk through on your email, and how it works your email account on Astro application. Astro divide into two pieces which are ”priority” and ”other.” and Astro control behind the email and finalize every single issue that you have been working inbox. If you face any trouble to collect the contacts, just moving to the VIP list. This one specifies you on the priority inbox. And you can prepare from the settings to alert every email.

This Astro will be a example of a basic level feature. And this one carries you multipe of color with floating action buttons and which may help you to compose messages and call back chatbot. It has a mobile desktop application that connects your Mac. Astro brings swipe left to archieve the email, swipe right hand side to snooze for desktop Office. Not only, this feature, there are few more read receipts, unsubscribe, and set schedule the emails. You can manage Astro through Slack it can support to search, email, file attachment and manage your email from Slack to Astro. Finally, the Amazon’s Alexa has a extraordinary skill to control the inbox.

That’s it.

Source: Astro for iOS, Android Via: Android Central

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