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When it comes to Gmail on the web, you can print any document easily, but you go through Gmail and Inbox for iOS, you need to find the action and choosing the way little bit hard, but you have the option to print the document from email.

For example: if you are performing on the desktop, you need to take three steps. You can use More menu, Print option and Print button. The site Techrepublic pointed out clearly how to print the file from Gmail or Inbox.

* Press home and power at the same time, you can use screenshot to share through the Photo app to take a print. It comes simple for you.

* Try text content from email, and save into Apple Note. After that, open Notes app, and set the note to share for print through Google Keep.

* Whether you use Gmail or Inbox to share PDF or images on share menu listed on the top right corner, next select print.

* You can save the file attachment through Google Drive and print the file from Drive.

* Mail App and Third-party application that you can choose to print the attachements from Gmail or Inbox

Finally, your printer must be connected through your email address, so any who send an email, it will route to the printer and the printing  result come perfect. To know more details. Below link find you more placement.

That’s it.

Via: TechRepublic

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