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You can’t hide anything from Hike Messenger, it’s a resourceful comparing any other Instant Messenger app. Basically, the app added with voice, video, SMS, and many experience applications which can share stickers, emojis, and plenty of options that the app gets on them.

If you are impressed with Hike stickers and you need to share with WhatsApp users, without using emojis. So you can get the easy problem solmate with few steps in between Hike and WhatsApp.

* Open Hike Messenger app

* Settings

* Stickey

* After that, check the other instant messenger app that you have installed on your phone

* To select the WhatsApp next the app you need to click the box to visible the right check mark which display you a clean green color.

* On the other hand, you need to load the WhatsApp application, which you have found the Hike icon that floating on your WhatsApp contact.

* Click the Hike icon and display you a list of stickers. Finally, you can select any one of them to share into WhatsApp.

This comes very easily on board. If you wish, you can read the article and give the comment below the comment box.

Source: Hike Messenger, WhatsApp Messenger  Via: Gizbot 

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