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Google Photos brings huge items through on his update, and the app rolled out such a photo to share someone whom you trusted.

The app provides a good service through upload, archive and send photos, videos and photo albums. But a recent announcement made some huge impact with plenty of features this could be helpful for friends and family members.

Anyway, when you decided to share the whole library, it’s a part of privacy, so the new update brings the restriction or share trusted person only.

Here is the little step that may help when you use Google Photos from Android:

* Load Google Photos 

* Hamburger menu (≡)

* Share your library

* Get Started 

* Choose the person that you want to share with a group or name

* All photos or Photos of specific people

* To share all photos or particular photos on that day

* Send invitation

* Enter registered phone PIN or password

That’s it.

If you want to remove shared your library, reverse the step to back point:

Open Google Photos–>Hamburger menu–>Three dots menu–>Shared library settings–>Remove partner or  tap three dot near the user find stop sharing your library –>Remove.

That’s it.

Source: Google Photos for Android  Via: Android Central

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