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When you use the Chrome browser, the Adobe flash becomes interlocked all togather with running ability as a flash player. It creates more protection. Normally, you have doubts when the Chrome browser will get updates for Adobe Flash, while browser gets automatically updated, sometime it come like you need to update the Flash plugin manually.

The site OS X Daily finds the tricks to make updates manually Adobe Flash in Chrome browser. Here is the few steps that you need to handle. When you trigger update for Adobe Flash.

Your Chrome browser automatically gets updated Adobe Flash Player on itself, but this function doesn’t keep always. You may go with some indication with yellow color banner display you on the top ”Adobe Flash Player was blocked because it is out of date” and you can choose ”Run this time” or ”Update plugin.”

If you are using Apple’s Safari then above message will find out on the Chrome browser. To solve the issue the blocked out the plugin browser in Chrome browsers. You can test it out both Mac and Windows for Adobe Flash Player in Chrome browser. And now you can test in Mac OS.

* Type chrome://components/  in address bar and Hit the enter button

* Find ”Adobe Flash Player” in the Chrome components

* Click ”Check for update” under ”Adobe Flash Player” and update indicated the final updates.

* Exit and Relaunch Google Chrome browser to get an updated version of Adobe Flash Player to load in the browser.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily 

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