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Sometimes you don’t want to perform autocorrect, you know the text explanation and expansion. If you are ready with these, then you can turn off autocorrect and text prediction, and also turn off gesture typing on your Android phone keyboard.

When it comes to Android, the operating system well prepared to customize and also it gets harder to change to option in their settings. Here is the little step that you can learn to turn off autocorrect and text prediction on your phone keyboard.

If your Android phone running Nougat version, then the feature comes over to default.

Disable Autocorrection:

* Load your Android phone or tablet to choose Language & Input

* Tap Keyboard and input methods

* Android Keyboard

* Text correction

* Turn off the slider of Auto-correction

Disable Predictive Text:

* Load Settings menu from your phone or tablet

* Languages & input

* Keyboard and input methods

* Choose Android default keyboard

* Text correction

* Turn off Next-word suggestions

That’s it.

Via: Techadvisor

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