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Google Researcher brings a 3 second video shot, which brings you a transformation into GIFs and Video in short clips. The app name Motion Stills from Google.

This Motion Stills already landed in the App Store, Which stopping the position for picture and turn into a nice GIF video file that you can share to your friends and social application. This program now brings to Android users.

Google Research Blog says,

We’re excited to announce that we’re bringing this technology, and more, to devices running Android 5.1 and later!

With Motion Stills on Android we built a new recording experience where everything you capture is instantly transformed into delightful short clips that are easy to watch and share. You can capture a short Motion Still with a single tap like a photo, or condense a longer recording into a new feature we call Fast Forward. In addition to stabilizing your recordings, Motion Stills on Android comes with an improved trimming algorithm that guards against pocket shots and accidental camera shakes. All of this is done during capture on your Android device, no internet connection required!

The Android program gets streaming and set the frame from the recorded video, So you can use a less time and save more phone battery power. Finally, you will get a nice result from the shot. You don’t have to wait for the result the Motion Stills brings immediately a 3 second video or GIF.

To know more about that below link for your taste.

Source: Motion Stills for Android Via: Google Research Blog, PCMag

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