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Apple’s Photo app for iOS 11 gets new improved, adding drag and drop your photo album to album. Even you can use drag and drop multiple photos within the time. This option not only in your iPad, it can run into your iPhone device as well.

In Photos, the iOS 11 doesn’t replace ”Add To” where you can go through Select–>Add To to move album or currently open albums. This new drag and drop help you to move the photos the album wherever it’s available on your device. Additionally, the feature rearranges your photos in albums.

Take action One Photo with Drag and Drop:

Once installed iOS 11, load the Photo app and open your album with your default camera. The selected photo that you want to move, all you have to do press on it to highlight the photo. You need to keep away from hard pressing on the photo, you just simply touch on the photo to drag and drop another album thumbnail. Alternatively, you can drop the photo from the album that you are going to drop with a holding on it. And you can choose the place to set the image.

Try Drag and Drop Multiple Photos on same time:

If you like to drag and drop multiple photos, it will follow same like multiple icons and folders on your phone home screen.

Highlight multiple photos to move any albums, you need to tap ”Select” on the top right corner of the album, and tap many photos to move, for this use a long press on the images until you can see the images highlight. And you start to move the images and tap ”Cancel” on the top right with available fingers and start moving to any album and land wherever you want that.

You have been playing with this feature, some other option, but this new trick makes you some easy access on this new iOS 11 floor test.

You can watch this feature through on video, that above added.

That’s it.

Via: Gadget Hacks

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