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When you use Microsoft’s Outlook, you open and attach the files to send any email account holders, that time it leaves a temporary file in your Windows Computer. If you use like this all temp files stays on your PC. It comes risky to you with someone, whether the files disclosed to anyone. Even you can save a lot of space on your device.

These temp files can use view and attach to your email, and these can store sub-folder in your computer PC. By mistake if you didn’t delete the files it may goes air. If the files get bundled to your Outlook email, then the temp files obstruct in your Windows computer.

You can delete the temp files normally on your computer, and for this you may go with a better result from third-party application. OutlookTempCleaner.

This utility program gives a free and easy to access on temp files. With this software, you can find the secure temp files and folder to delete to make an upcoming feature to be smooth with this Microsoft.

When you use this application, it can delete all temp files and save you a disk space and skip unknown person. Normally, find and locate the temp files becomes too risky always, but here it all comes very smoothly.

That’s it.

Source: Outlook Temp Cleaner Via: The Windows Club

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