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You can’t cross the overlimit, When you use iTunes, and product that brings under iTunes, you have a limited connection. If you are using one Apple ID to five computers, then you can get authorized. Because, the Apple set the limit to connect more computer. Avoid this program you need to choose a new computer to get authorized. It you reach the limit or you aren’t able to access a computer, then straightaway deactivate your iTunes on the particular machine, and the next approachment ”Deauthorize All” that’s it.

Through on this you can find out your attached Apple ID which is connected into the iTunes you can deauthorize of every computer. Whether you have permission on this iTunes authorization. The site OS X Daily find out the solution below steps find you here.

Learn Deauthorize All Computers in your iTunes Authorized Machine:

If you want to make free spaces for authorization to make more slot of Apple ID? You have to deauthorize of every computer which is you have no longer to access them. After that, you can start authorization single of every computer with minimum level. Here you can learn how to deauthorization of your computer which is connected with an Apple ID.

* Open iTunes–>Account menu

* View My Accounts and make authorize along with an iTunes account if it’s required.

* Account Information and scroll down and search Computer Authorizations and select ”Deauthorize All.”

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily 

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