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In your iPhone or iPad, you can see the personal hotspot that’s designed to run mobile connectivity through WiFi hotspot to support other mobile devices and also other hardware links. It’s an amazing function that gets you more benefit from other users. When you are sharing between two devices.

You can find out that when you make settings, the Personal Hotspot will turn on the Wi-Fi automatically creates and connect the Personal Hotspot router, and this makes the useless string which you can’t remember or you want to share with someone. All you have to make simple when you changing the WiFi password from Personal Hotspot in iPhone and iPad.

 Modify the WiFi Password for Personal Hotspot in iPhone and iPad:

* Load Settings in iPhone or iPad

* Cellular Data –>Personal Hotspot 

* Turn on Personla Hotspot and Wi-Fi Password

* Remove the automatically created password with newly entering the password it must be a 8 characters

* Tap Done, after that your Personal Hotspot will connect with a new wifi password which connect your iPhone and iPad devices.

That’s it.

Via: OS X Daily 

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