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Your Phone camera helps a lot taking photos and it will do many kinds of things. Take a look about Google Photos.

In the past, you can’t move your bulk amount photos one to another platform. Actually, your photos stored in your phone device and that usually take place. You can make withdraw and send to another like Dropbox, Box and much that we can say. Anyway, you can find a simple and easy way that completes the process from iPhone and Android within few clicks.

Transfer photos from iPhone and Android: 

When it comes to Google Photos, it looks a great to manage your local photos. This application works most of the operating system as well. It will help to move to photos from one to another, and you can find a best feature that you can easily set up, and the tool makes you quickly anywhere.

* First, you need to download the Google Photos from the App Store

* Load Google Photos through Home screen

* Get started 

* When Google Photos required to access your photos, click Ok. 

* To make backup your photo you can use mobile data or wireless network

* Continue 

* Click the circle next High quality or Original

* Continue–>Get notified–>Leave Off 

Above steps that you have done, the process will start automatically from Google Photos sync your local photos. If your file load heavy then this will take time to backup. Once the tool complete process, you’re ready to go now. You can open Google Photos from any apps or web.

That’s it.

Via: Crackberry 

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