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We are connected with upcoming future, but at the same time sending a lot of files through on the web it may complex position. When it comes to email, it can handle the update to 1GB, along with this it can use cloud based storage like Dropbox, and Google Drive adding a limited space of function, and you want to continue more storage then you need to keep with a subscription.

The new invention comes from Mozilla team which names Firefox Send, this can solve your problem with a single click to send large files. All you have to do click and drag the files up to 2GB in the web section. This feature applies to your Firefox or Chrome. These links are become more secured with encrypted when you share the links to someone. Once you receive the file and downloaded, the Mozilla server sweeps out the link permanently.

Let’s we start the program.

* When you are going to start the program, you need to open Firefox or Chrome, and your browser must up to date.

* Enter send.firefox.com

* Click the blue box ”Select a file on your computer” or you can do drag the file to your browser window on your computer pc.

* Once you have done, the file will be verified and make you encrypted the file that you are going to upload into the Firefox Send.

* To make complete upload, it may take to finish the process with encrypted. And also it depends on the files that you are going to upload on the web server.

* You can share the file with anyone. Before you do this the file can downloadable only once at all. You can keep sharing plenty of peoples.

* Once you have done the link will be expired or deleted from the Mozilla server.

Via: How-To Geek

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