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Google released Android O/Oreo, and their developer wants to bring all the apps with new security section and this one testing on many platforms. One of the apps that going to make advance LastPass is the one going to follow Android Oreo’s Autofill form.

When you get into the app, it will ask you to login credentials. Using the LastPass on Android phone, it gave already more secure way and save you a more time will auto filling passwords. And the Android Oreo brings one step further, to fill anything against passwords. Now, the autofill form works in LastPass to support credit card and addresses that come true way. If you stored those details, then it comes first running upcoming services.


Please keep in mind that this is the first release, so there will be some limitations. In particular, Chrome does not yet support the new Autofill API, and some apps that were fillable with our accessibility-based autofill are not yet fillable using the new API. We’re working with Google to iron out the issues as quickly as possible, and will be updating the beta release on a regular basis.

Check it out the new LastPass available for public beta right now.

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Source: LastPass

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