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Last few years, Google is testing out the feature of fast growing apps with small community lovers, whether it’s important for the user or not. In this stage, YouTube isn’t going to stand in one line, and the update is near to reach from the Google to test the video playback with speed controls in YouTube Android apps.

You feel that on the YouTube web platform, that make speed controls your playback videos. This feature makes every individual user to control the video with faster or slow condition from the original speed. But this setting doesn’t appear on your Android support YouTube application.

To set you need to tap three dots on the top right corner of your playback video when you watch the video that disclose the menu, and set the speed the playback video, which is integrated between Caption and View in Cardboard. This formula you have done already on the web, the same precaution you can find to increase the speed level of the playback video on your handy mobile phone.

The site 9to5Google writer finds out this new feature on their Pixel phone. But you have to wait for this new option on your device.

That’s it.

Source: YouTube Via: 9to5Google

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