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If you are a favored with Gmail, then this Chrome extension for you. Whether you want access more smoother than this article gives up, what you are looking to finish the Gmail finest. I have been so excited with this useful chrome extensions, you can try on your email.

Yes! You can find it here.

Right Inbox for Gmail:

Ready your emails to send for later. And also you can arrange for reminders those conversations and generate recurring emails.

FollowUp.cc for Gmail: 

You can improve your inbox and set email tracking, auto Follow-up, search contacts, and you can send your email later along with email snooze.

ActiveInbox: Organize Gmail™ tasks:

After installation ActiveInbox, you can switch on the emails to complete the task without leaving the inbox. This chrome extension works on both computer and mobile devices.

Assistant.to Scheduling Assistant:

No one love to set the meeting front-and-back to meet someone. But this Assistant.to will find the solution to rescue from the problem. Once you hit the extension you are set auto function to make schedule to meet many of them, this application works with Google between Outlook calendar.

Checker Plus for Gmail™:

While you are playing with huge roll in Gmail less than a time, installing Check Plus for Gmail will manage your target. This application will stand on your menu bar to make customizing the notifications from your browser, so you are ready to read the content, reply those texts, and you can make delete unwanted email messages through from the extensions without you open the inbox.

Drag: To-Do & Task List:

Previously, you have been working with Trello, then you will become well organized, using Drag extension it will transform your inbox using Drag and drop the emails between the stage like To Do, customize on it. You can spend more time inside the inbox which brings more easier.

Just Not Sorry — the Gmail Plug-in,  

Email Dictation

Video Recorder for Gmail™ and Clipchap:

KeyRocket for Gmail™:

Stylish – Custom themes for any website:

The Email Game:

There are so many extensions that bring supernatural support for your Gmail.

Via: Mashable

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