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This tiny Android app keeps track of updates, Changes is a absolutely free application from Play Store.

Check out Android apps that available on the Google Play Store. This application was installed as default, once the app update reaches it will perform automatically updates the apps. Normally, it can happen through Wi-Fi or spend some amount to buy Data to receive an auto update for the installed apps.

Most of the time, you don’t feel better, because the application gets already updated, even you didn’t open for them. The best choice that Android phone gets notification for every individual application.

If you want to skip automatic app updates, and you have already found some other solution, you can disconnect auto updates from Google Play Store through on the Settings.

The Changes Android app finds you a simple solution, it can update automatically and informing you when it happen the update and Changelogs. Once you open the Changes app on your Android it may go with slow position on the first impression after that it keeps standard with automatic updates with clean details.

When you use Changes on your phone, it makes you so much easier to update installed Android apps. The app quite simple, it doesn’t have enough option but much needed features. If you want, you can try on your Android phone.

That’s it.

Source: Changes Via: Ghacks

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