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Actually, if you are regularly using an iPhone or iPad devices, you missed out one good and also useful thing that can be done through on this. This feature you can find on third-party application, but they give us limited, because the Apple restriction that permit the developer to use them.

Siri will come first to read the text loudly using phone speaker. When you are going to use this option, it becomes a hands-free to ask Siri from your phone to read the text loud yourself. This will function through from your apps, for this you need to unlock the phone. Before going to this function the site MakeUseOf detailed very clearly how to use the text as loud. Here you can start.

* Settings

* Siri and turn on

* Access on Lock Screen 

* Allow ”Hey Siri”

After that you can use fewer content to enable the voice commands.

* Read me my emails 

* Read me my updated email

* Read me my text messages 

If this content are not enough to read the text loud, you can move into Accessibility feature alternatively. When you use Accessibility on iOS, your text on your phone screen background it will support, but most of the time it will not go to support the moment.

If it’s enough, you can go through the Settings–>General–>Accessibility Speech and Speak Selection. And also you rate the speed in which text content to read, and you can set the languages English is the common and the rest you can change the language. Once you have done, you can apply the text to make loud speaker when you tap the Speak button and it will start to read the text on the back of the app. Unfortunately, if you shut down the reading the text will be break up.

If you aren’t interested to set defaults in your iPhone or iPad, then you can find the third-party apps which is available on the App store, which make you to read the text loudly for you, but at the same time the application comes with minimum level.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf 

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