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With Addappt, what kind of features that has been improved for your smart phone? The app turns into meek contacts with cards, notifications once the contact gets changes the numbers, and this one makes you faster reminders for particular contacts. If the contacts make you limited to your mobile phone, then this Addappt brings something new concept with simple and existing data for your contacts.

In this app, you can save your contacts with secured, because this app doesn’t keep your contact data on their network server. Addappt doesn’t make backup the contacts. They only allow to store on cloud storage, or prepared to your mobile or any other external service. It makes you more flexible with plenty of options and stays on the top in contact info.

You can update your new contact details, generate your new group, and many that immediately works on your phone address book. It can automatically remind your birthdays and annual days, and that sort out your duplicates on your contacts, and you can ask them a request for missing data, such a like official email address. Even the app makes you more better using one-tap messaging in one place, and that named Tapp messages, which is equal to game chat.

When you are working with iOS compatible phone, you can find a some useful items and some may not become live. To add people in group your phone keyboard works faster. Along with this the app uses tiny icons on the top for additional action, such like a new icon, and group.

Another highlighting feature that allows you to share the contact details with people who don’t have an app installed on their mobile it can be done through text message. On your Addappt, you just the tap button which comes next to each of your phone numbers, email ID, or contact info, that complete private. It may help you to sharing the contact details with others, if you make private then it will not be shared with anyone.

If you want to find more, then your phone must be an iPhone or Android. This app welcome to build your contact something on your phone.

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Source: Addappt for iOS, Android Via: Gadgets 360

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