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Tasker app will control the Bluetooth perfectly. Whether you want to connect or disable the Bluetooth devices, then it comes much easier to switch off the Bluetooth power, But the process will find the solution some of the Bluetooth devices, and other like audio or video connected Bluetooth doesn’t come much easier. Tasker is a nice plugin and launcher to make disconnect or connect the Bluetooth. The site Android Central pointed out.

You can find some easy steps to connect or disconnect the Bluetooth. Here are the points:

* Load Tasker

* Try Task tab or + shows at the bottom

* Add name and Checkmark

* Again press + button

* Bluetooth Auto Connect task

* Tap pencil

* Uncheck

* Profiles

* Media Check 

* Tap back button

* Devices

* Choose one device and the rest you can make uncheck

* Drag the selected device

* Back button

* Profile Action

* Connect 

* Back button three times

* Tap nine dot icon

* Application icon

* Bluetooth Auto Connect 

* Back button

That’s it. If you want to make multiple task repeat again above steps, through on this you can complete the task very specially. Even you can find multiple to sort out those issuance.

Via: Android Central 

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