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Many of apps, they ask you to sign up. To step into the app to access the feature, you need to provide your email and some details so it will take a few more times, skipping this option you can use social media like Facebook or Twitter or Google any one of them you can use to get into straight away. If you are using Facebook account most of the apps allow you to disconnect through from your Facebook account, if you stay always with Facebook then it comes easy for you.

There are two ways you can disconnect the apps from your Facebook account like mobile or desktop.

* Open your Facebook account on the web with your sign in, Click down arrow on the top right corner and click Settings.

* Select Apps on the left column. If you want to skip any app, click the edit button next to the app. Otherwise. You want to delete the app or other service from your Facebook, click to close button.

Secondly, on Facebook mobile app:

* Load the Facebook app and tap hamburger button and scroll down and tap Settings. After that find Account Settings.

* Tap Apps

* Apps and Websites

* Logged in with Facebook

From there, you can see the complete app or other service list on your Facebook mobile app. Tap the app or service to delete. To remove completely, scroll down and find Remove App button.

Finally, you have made the process successfully, you aren’t going to get any information from the app.

That’s it.

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