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Surfing website, you have mistakenly taken action for receiving notifications on a particular website or getting a lot of notifications to get accepted? Here you can find the solution if,you stand on this article.

Try Google Chrome on PC:

* To disconnect the Chrome notifications, you just copy this address below one

chrome://settings/content/notifications and paste in your browser. Through on this

you can get into the Notifications settings. Whether you decided to stop those notifications, requests, disable the ”Ask before

Sending (recommended)” option to ”Block all”

If you want to block particular website, click the dot vertical and choose ”Block” or ”Allow” to keep stopping notification.

Try Google Chrome on Smart Phone:

* Go to the Settings, when you tap on three vertical dots which you can find on  the top right corner. Press Web page settings –>Notifications.

Try Mozilla Firefox on PC:

* If you want to disable notifications from Firefox, lets you allow to copy  Address.

About: preferences#content 

After you paste on your Firefox browser to access the Content of Firefox features. If you want to stop receiving those unwanted notifications, all you have to do enable ”Do Not disturb me” feature.

If user wants to stop particular web page for notification, Click ”Select” the whole list will be distributed to to make block or allow with a date. This is the simple step that you

Can do, pretty much, even disable connection for single web page notifications.

Try Mozilla Firefox mobile Phone:

* This brings a basic level, disable notification for Firefox. To disable notifications, you just click Control Center.

After that choose ”Edit site settings” and Tap the white square to “check” it, and next  ”Clear.” Through on this you can disable, otherwise you give the permission.

Finally, Apple Safari, if you are receiving notifications for a Web page, go to the ”Preferences” and Click Notifications and search the website and choose ”Block.”

That’s it.

Via: Softonic 

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