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If you are leaving from your home, and you don’t get a WiFI connection to your phone, skip the issue almost everyone have a Facebook app on their phone. If it’s the social app available, then you can find your public Wi-Fi. Here you can learn how to use the tool. Facebook has a bunch of tools which are come built-in that you can’t realize whether the feature will finish your expectation. The site How To-Geek find out the solution with a simple and easy way for your phone with an a support of Facebook apps.

* First, you need to locate Find Wi-Fi tool, and load the Facebook app and click the menu button available on the top of the corner.

* Scroll down the application place. Tap Find Wi-Fi on the list.

* When you approach the Find Wi-Fi, you need to give up authorization to location history to access public Wi-Fi hotspots. If you don’t get connected, then your Facebook doesn’t support your nearest public Wi-Fi connectivity. But at the same time you can turn off in the future if it’s not required.

* All you have to do, find Wi-Fi. Along with this you can see Store and the name of the network, so it comes easily when you link into their. These are all comes through ordered which indicates your distance to the current location. On the other side, you can make simple tap on the Map to survive the locations on the Google map and view another location.

* With a Map screen, you can take around and search the area to find more available Wi-Fi hotspots. This comes much simpler if you are moving somewherelse there you are new and it will be required to place the laptop. You can tap anyone of the dots to make business more with Wi-Fi.

Turn Off or On Wi-Fi on Location Services:

* Tap on horizontal three lines 

* Account Settings

* Tap on Location

* On the center page, you can see Location History on the same line next you can find the toggle to make Off or On. After that, the small box type of page message will be displayed to make confirm tap on OK.

Via: How To Geek 

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