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Yes! Google Contacts produce a plenty of location to add a lot of information from your friends and business associates. But the things you don’t want to add all of it.

When you start deleting some unwanted things, unfortunately you deleted along with important contacts and the original items suddenly germination. You don’t feel at all your deleted contacts will restore from Google.

Old version of Google Contacts:

* Open Google Contacts site on the browser and you have to confirm when you sign with same ID which you have stored your contacts.

* After you enter into the site, go to Menu available on the left side, click More button. And choose the Restore Contacts. 

* Set the time frame to add the deleted contacts and click Restore. 

New Google Contacts:

* Log in Google Contacts

* Click More–>Undo changes

* Select the time to go previous (10 minutes, 1 hour, Yesterday, 1 week ago, Custom)

* Click Confirm

Finally, you can see the deleted and edited contacts back to the normal position. But the thing is your deleted contacts to restore within one month of the period. Otherwise, you lose the deleted contacts for permanently.

That’s it.

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