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You have stored plenty of videos on your computer or hard disk, that you want to play and watch with a single view.

But the AVI support files don’t come out a clean output, you are disappointed on that day. Is there any way to get the supported? You have still plenty of option to recover those corrupted AVI files. You don’t know where it was error happen when you play AVI supported videos. Maybe, your hard drive or computer affected with bad virus, program issues, and many reasons we can say. The most common thing that AVI file rift into two matter and these two settled down in particular location and that read your file.

To rectify the issue on AVI file, Google brings many apps to solve the issue. If you want to claim those error files accurately, it may cost you whether you want to sort out and save the files. Rather than, you can choose some other way to skip the fee, and you can do manually.

For this, you need to download DivFix++ and VLC Media Player.

First, you pick the DivFxx++:

If you are going to use DivFxx++, since the software doesn’t get any update, but this one used by most common users to fix the AVI files. And you can check it out.

This app will support Windows, macOS, and Linux. Once you download the program, the output brings the ZIP file. After you make unzip, you can see EXE file directly. It will not give any opportunity to install.

First time opening, you can see a black screen with few features. To fix the AVI file issuance. You need to go to set changes, Add File and choose the app on your broken file. Even you can click Check Errors before you begin the process, for unwanted things, if it’s not running properly, for this you need to fix them. If the function complete, you will receive confirmation through Log Window.

VLC Media Player:

If you want to skip DivFxx++, then VLC Media Player comes you another choice. You can test the broken file through Windows Operating system. When you go through fix the AVI file through on VLC, it gives a temporary look it’s not permanent views because you choose some other media to play it won’t support anymore. To stay with more how the function rectifying. Below link finds you a lot of solution.

That’s it.

Via: MakeUseOf

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