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If you are the habit of sending private information through email, the best you can choose to make end-to-end encryption. Even much the better way you can arrange the email to delete on itself with a time period. While doing this way it gets you a piece of mind.

When you perform self-destructing email message, it’s an extremely easy task from ProtonMail on both Android and iPhone, on this service you aren’t restricted to send limited to other ProtonMail customers. You don’t worry about email, the service which creates a come to an end email address, it keeps for end-to-end encryption. Whether you want to set default, send messages to non- ProtonMail users will not come end-to-end encryption, but you can choose some other way to make simple.

There is two type of email messages to send ProtonMail and Non-ProtonMail users:

* To send end-to-end encryption email message from ProtonMail on your mobile phone, tap the clock icon which is located in the subject line. Through time menu, choose expiring time. From there you can choose one hour or one day or choose both. You can set the time minimum one hour up to 28 days. Once you have set the time, otherwise tap the right arrow button on iOS or tap ”Ok” button on Android phone. To know whether it’s complete or not you can see the checkmark on clock icon. If you want to send any ProtonMail user, you can tap the send icon which is located on the top right corner.

* If you are interested to send email message non-ProtonMail users, then the above option doesn’t work, because it required a password. If you send email expiring email to any other, tap lock icon to create a password and set a hint, choose ”Apply” to finish on its way. Finally, the clock and lock icon both have checked mark, you can start to send icon which is available on the top right corner.

That’s it.

Via: WonderHowto

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