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Most of the user they use to share messages and media files with the flexibility of mobile device. But they aren’t comfortable with the desktop. But now, WhatsApp brings simple on a computer. The design, sending fast messages and make a quick backup all comes in one fit. If you are using WhatsApp on your mobile, then you know the impressive options. The app doesn’t make any restriction on smartphone and also computer.

If you want to make come back on both smartphone and desktop, here you can learn how to use on your computer using with WhatsApp.

To start your WhatsApp on your computer, first you need to open WhatsApp Web, through scanning the QR Code involves web pages and login when you open the browser, but if you choose WhatsApp to download on your Windows or Mac. This comes very simple you just login as soon as the WhatsApp immediately open to start the message for friends and family members.

* Download the WhatsApp straightaway from the computer

* After installing the app on your desktop. The app required to download and installing complete.

* When you open the WhatsApp desktop app, you can the screen. This is going to look the same WhatsApp Web. All you have to do scan the QR Code on the left side with your smartphone. Which you have WhatsApp account. It will turn on automatically to login the webpage that you follow the steps.

* Entering menu button, this will bring the changes your phone status, everything and obtain the app settings and the rest.

* Click ”Desktop settings” it will take you to primary settings on the desktop app. From there you need to login to run the application.

* Once you follow above steps, you are done using the WhatsApp.

That’s it.

Via: Gadgetsnow

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