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Image Credit: JochenBaier/fastwindowswitcher

Fast Windows Switcher is a tiny tool for Microsoft Windows user, it may use alternative against Alt+Tab window enable fast keyboard usage system.

Actually, Windows user wants to open the window faster, using Alt+Tab or Shift-Alt-Tab and this one helps you to run those things and that brings in desktop screen.

It can be work with a minimum level of numbers that you opened the windows, but at the same time you passed the limited, the value becomes less, on this situation you need to use hotkey for many times or choose the mouse it can help you.

This application is an open source for Windows. This may can help on the place to run and gives a support for installation. Even this application works on your USB drive and carry anywhere to enable the situation. While you are tapping on the key, the program window will display in front, or not confirmed play the role.

This tool doesn’t have an own window screen, it can place the file on the system tray not in a file program. You can use hotkey to jiggle the function. Skipping Alt-Tab, it can display the thumbnail presentation. The hotkeys are in the Taskbar.

You can bring the customization for your open source through a system tray from their you can modify the settings. A Few option which may control the hotkeys to activate a Fast Windows Switcher program. You want to modify the font and size with markers on the screen, when you appeal the feature. This tool uses less than 10 MB data program on your Windows.

This FastWindowSwitcher brings you simply as a default Alt+Tab for the Windows OS. While using this program you can make a faster jump into the window and also you can make pinned to the Taskbar.

That’s it.

Source: FastWindowsSwitcher Via: Ghacks

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