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Here is happen all little things, when you want to enter website urls on the iPhone or iPad in Safari browser. It will copied to your iOS device clipboard, and after it will perform faster through ”Paste and Go” option that site link works within a period of time runs.

Actually, the Paste and Go option let you allow to load the site link which is copied to your phone, a clipboard and that runs immediately on your Safari website, it means that speeding up the process to reach the web page. Usually, we are all copy the link, but you need to select the website that’s it. You just find Go button and load the targeted website. It comes you simple function.

Here is the process that you can learn:

* Copy the site link to clipboard on the iPhone or iPad, or use Universal Clipboard

* Load Safari in iOS

* All you have to do tap and hold the address bar, the little pop-up menu know you to select ”Paste and Go” that works faster to visit the site url which is saved in the clipboard.

* The site will load with pasting the url, after select Go. The two functions, it will work in action.

When you work through on this option, it’s not a defiant option, but it can help some of the way when you want to surf the site within the time frame.

That’s it.

Via: OSX Daily 

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