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Now, your iPad keyboard brings more convenience with new update in iOS 11. The update introduces a new flick keyboard which designed with numbers and symbols without using shift keys.

Once your iPad keyboard gets an updated in iOS 11, you can see the changes from the keys with numbers and symbols. When you tap the letters, it flicks into symbols or numbers. Here you can see.

* Display your iPad’s keyboard through search or app

* Tap any key to enter letters or symbols

* To enter flick the symbol, touch any key and pull downwards

* You find the symbol that replaces the any letter that you pull down on the keyboard.

When you want to type symbols or numbers this way comes much easier and it takes faster comparing to shift key. With this option, you can access more characters by holding down on the key.

Whether you don’t flick option you can disable the function with simple step.

* Settings app–>General–>Keyboard–>Enable Key Flicks.

That’s it.

Via: Macrumors 

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