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Many of you don’t have a latest Android phone to get Android Oreo, and they call the old version mobile phone and they don’t get updated new arrival of Android Oreo. But there is still one chance to achieve the new updated version to your old phone.

Try Action Launcher, it makes you a plenty of customization for your Android phone home screens, it can bring now Oreo’s features to run the older mobile. What kind of features that you can get notification dots, adaptive icons, shortcuts.

Action Launcher provides you custom icons to a few of apps, but they don’t get active with new items, so you need to run through the original version of Oreo. It gives a nice tweak to ready a dock, shortcuts, color schemes and more. And one more useful option that Pixel-style homescreen, supported by Google Now and also goes to Non-Pixel mobile device.

The site The Verge writer finds some drawback on homescreen getting slow moving and not able to load the default launcher. Anyway, if you want to enter deeper, then you need to download Action Launcher. It’s a free and the features are basic level, if you want the advance option, then the pack covered with $5 to achieve Notification dots and some themes.

If you are using default homescreen, for some changes you need to crack down those options, then it comes fun to play around on your mobile phone.

That’s it.

Source: Action Launcher Via: The Verge

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