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You have been tweeting as long as 140 characters with your followers, but now Twitter making surprise movement on this 140 character roll and that is it makes doubles your characters upto 280, so you can share your thoughts upto the maximum level. This option finds some of the users, but if you want, you can use little tricks on them to get a little more space.

To do this function, you can do more ways to workaround, but I have been searching through on the web to get the point. I have selected The Next Web and The Verge which gives me a cool idea to perform 280 characters on my Twitter account.


* Load Tweetdeck.twitter.com

* Move the cursor to the Developer menu, and choose Developer Tools

* Sources–>Snippets

* Once you open the Snippets–>New Snippet button–>copy and paste the code in the empty window

* Click Play button to run the snippet

* Finally, you will get a chance to make tweet a maximum limit of 280 characters.

Note: Above trick only works on Tweetdeck.


* Download Tampermonkey from your chrome browser

* Open Github repository and click ”Raw” button, and Install the Tampermonkey or copy and paste the code in Tampermonkey

* Now, you can approach Twitter.com, and confirm the script should be run in Tampermonkey and you can start tweeting.

So, you guys this article helps you a lot.

That’s it.

Via: TNW, The Verge 

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