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If you are using a Windows 10 PC, then you definitely find Shut down button. To run the system program open and close the Windows compatible PC. But the new method comes totally different and the new tricks bring you a minimizes your working functionality with full style. Here is the new setup that you can follow when you decide to get off of your Windows computer.

There is plenty of shortcut to shut down, and how to bring them changes for power button to do. The site MakeuseOf point out that shut down comes in various functions.

Windows Shutdown Shortcuts:

The Windows computer has a shortcut button, which is named Shut Down button. If you aren’t satisfied with this option, then you may go with some other feature.

Pressing Alt+F4–>Enter on your desktop. Turn to desktop use Windows Key+D to make shutdown. Second one, use Windows Key+X and Press U Twice. Third one, Ctrl+Alt+Del–>Power icon–>Shut down.

To Make Shut Down With Cortana:

The virtual assistant Cortana in Windows 10, it can make more what you expect reading, news, and more.

The first, you don’t find Shut down, later the company realizes that bring shut down button. All you have to do say ”Hey Cortana, turn off PC” or ”Hey Cortana, shut down PC” to take shut down you need to give ”Yes” then only it meet complete power off.

Remove Power Button from Lock Screen:

You can remove Power button on your Windows 10 Lock Screen, which is included Sleep, Hibernate, Shutdown, and Restart your Windows system. Even you can hide the whole options if you don’t like particular that also comes possible, keeping your system device in locked.

Open Registry Editor–>View–>Address Bar


On the right hand side pane, use mouse makes double click shutdownwithoutlogon–>Value data–>0–>Done. Now, you can check the power button gone. If you want to display again, then you have to go back to the process.

 Manage Physical Power Button:

As a default, the physical power button comes to shut down the system. Whether you don’t like you can modify them.

A few steps which may apply Windows Key+I–>System–>Power&sleep–>Additional power settings–>Choose what the power buttons do. When I press the power button–>Do nothing or Sleep or Shut down–>Turn off the display–>Save Changes.

Customize Your Windows Shut Down Sounds:

It’s a default, that Windows 10 never allow for changes for Shut down sounds in their box. It can be customize only.
Type with regedit>View–>Address Bar, if it’s not, check mark, then you need copy below one:


Otherside of the pane, double-click ExcludeFromCPL–>Value data–>1 disable or 0 enable –> Click Ok. Finally, close the Registry Editor.

You just move the cursor on the speaker icon and make right click on the Taskbar notifications, available at the bottom of the screen, and Click Sounds–>Exit Windows.

Under Sounds–>select different option or Browse–>Ok.

There is plenty more function to make shut down your Windows 10, one of the features that you can create shortcut on desktop to make shut down with in time. Force to shutdown your system, if you aren’t disconnecting any application on the system that will be forced to make shut down. It works with various amounts of time.

Via: MakeUseOf 

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