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We all expect from Telegram to move into the new update. Each of comes that completed forms in a new design for the users, and you can use the latest items from this update. The new version 4.3 includes most members user group mentions and replies, set advanced user interface to invite the contacts to join in Telegram, and some minor support through from this new edition.

It’s surprising things, the new items come over Telegram blog. That item we will roll out through on this article. The app introducing mentions and replies in groups. It will connect more than 10,000 members, and it will not misplace all messages. If anyone replies or mentions in the group, you know through @ badge on the chat list.

If you have replies or mentions in the group, you can reach instantly tapping on ‘@’ button when you are in chat. After you have read the message the button will disappear.

This app allows the user to add and upload new stickers, as the final result that you can get the opportunity to receive more stickers to download the app. Any stickers will more than five that will be marked as a ‘favorites’ and it will be top of the sticker in ‘star’ section.

You can select a bundle of sticker that will be available in the group members when you start chatting in the group. Your contacts are now on the top of the list to ‘invite friends.’

If you are more interest such a thing from Telegram, this is a time to grab new features from the app.

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Source: Telegram for iOS, Android Via: Telegram Blog

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