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Microsoft released Windows Movie Maker 16 years ago, it’s a part of Windows component and that offer you a plenty of features which are main option that you can edit the videos and you can publish through any social media or cloud storage much easier.

It’s time to turn your path to choose some other way. If you visit on the web, there are tons of video editing software available for Windows. So you don’t want to hold the Windows Movie Maker anymore. You can move some fresh tools to bring edit on your video product.

Here are the Five choices that really like it.


This application is a video editing and cross-platform, that turn on both Windows, Mac and also Linux. It has a free code, which boost your cross-platform to run. You can intrude your project on this operating system.

It has standard time editing, Shotcut brings a useful trimming, cut, copy and paste, locking and more. All of the feature that through enabled with keyboard shortcuts. You can import the file through from your drive, camera SD, online storage, and also you can use drag and drop the files. It gives a numerous amount video effects, and filters and speeding the performance. When you download and install a Shotcut tool you can find a lot of features from basic and high level editing tools. You can expand your editing skill through on this Shotcut application.


While this tool isn’t related to video editing, it’s a common app you can capture the screen, so you don’t want to think this tool apply to Windows Movie Maker as an alternative. But the program has few video editing. You may go with some video clips to make editing.

Ezvid isn’t a fully video editor, and if you find some less function apartment against Movie Maker, then this will help you with less noise, this one only for screen recordings.


First, we have to say there are huge amount of video editing tools available on the Windows Store. But they aren’t worthable and doesn’t have enough impact. This Story will complete your thoughts.

In this list, this Story main concept to create movies through from pictures, video, and song. This will keep some new way you can search from your PC, and select the photos whether it’s required, and also include your interesting songs.

Filmora Video Editor:

This Filmora is a paid version the list we have added, but it looks awesome and working directly, and no-hassle to make video editing.

If you choose this video editor, it gives a three type of counts, you can use yearly, lifetime and free, but it restricts a maximum of feature, that you can’t able to give your product to complete. Once your project finished, you can upload to cloud storage and share to Facebook and many more.

Finally, Animotica is another Window Movie Maker, it works for touch screen on devices. This tool work on both Computer and Laptops. You can expect your video and photo are editable with transitions.

If you have any idea about this or you have a new tool which the output brings awesome. Then gives you feedback below comments box.

That’s it.

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