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Storage Usage, this feature is important for every user, who use WhatsApp account. It can manage your chat on the iPhone or iPad, but the function doesn’t install on Android. This option works for to clear messages from Android. But you have to delete manually each and everytime, because of the incoming messages like photos, videos and text messages will be occupying the phone device. If you are prepared to go through on Android, recently, the company silently gets a beta version of this and get out from critical issues.

All you have to do to perform this function on your Android phone:

* Open your Android WhatsApp account

* Settings

* Data and storage usage

* Storage usage 

* A few second wait to load contact with data, since you have chat with other contact that shows data with numbers.

* At the bottom of the app page, tap ”Manage Messages.”

* Tap ”Clear messages” Which include (Text messages, Contacts, Locations, Images, GIFs, Video Messages, Audio messages and Documents) select any one or apply whole messages make it right click mark to clear. That’s it.

Source: WhatsApp  Via: Android Police 

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