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12 Plus Hidden Features for iOS 11 Devices

What kind of good event coming up after iOS 11 landed on iPhone and iPad? You get a lot of excitement when you update your iPhone or iPad into iOS 11.

Open Old Messages:

When you swipe down from your phone top screen you can see the notifications, and just you feel very much on your iPhone. Anyway, the Lock Screen replaces the notification.

Try Drag and Drop on Text:

That word which you want to drag and drop, all you have to highlight those content in one place to another location. This works on same app you can’t move any other apps.

Setup ”Do Not Disturb” Manually:

Apple’s iPhone is a part of diverting attention when you are driving. Your iPhone monitor when you move your vehicle and it can do. Whether you want to set automatically Do Not Disturb while you in driving mode.

Drawing in your Mail:

There are many ways you can explore your thoughts, I choose to expose through drawing the picture. While you are composing an email, all you have to do long-press Add drawing. Through on this you can draw, sketch, send it to.

Easy Volume Control:

Watching the video, your volume becomes out of control, you can take control of the video watching screen. Apple had integrated volume control on the top screen corner.

Apple Music now part of social:

If you get update into iOS 11, then Apple Music comes a social oriented profile page. This new iOS 11 keeps the settings arrangement through profile and privacy. Coming days, your profile and settings are listed in ”For You” tab and also tap in profile icon.

FaceTime Live Photos:

When you attend FaceTime call, now you can take screenshot those happy moments, and the iOS 11 may support a Live Photo of your call. To set go ahead to Settings–>FaceTime.

To take FaceTime Live Photos, use the new shutter button when you connected in FaceTime Call. It comes to handy.

Emergency SOS:

Apple Watch doesn’t get the service, but Apple’s iPhone gets Emergency SOS mode. Your phone can help you to make call your local authorities with using power button.

Access Notes from your iPhone Lock Screen:

Bring your shortcut to your Notes App in iOS 11 with new design in Control Center. And you are eligible to access Notes from your Phone lock screen.

Handoff in iOS 11:

You don’t want to bring support iOS 11 to all devices. Handoff is a supercharge and works instantly between iOS 10 and iOS 11. You can watch your nearby devices on both ways. It’s a simple and pretty cool function.

Markup PDFs Tool in iOS 11:

Your iOS 1O hidden features are now turning the sites and docs into PDFs, but the new arrival of Markup feature in iOS 11, and this one become much easier to your iPhone. You can save the site, notes, and many other files into PDFs to share with anyone. But iOS 11 taking one step forward adding notes, draw the shapes on the picture, and indicate the text in PDF files that can be done before you save them.

To know more hidden from iOS 11 support iPhone device, below link help you a lot more.


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