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In Windows operating system, System restore point is the longtime backup functionality. This feature gives the user to restore the Windows PC to get back into the earlier date without losing any personal data.

When it comes to system restore point, the feature will occupy MB  or GB space for their restore point on their computer PC. Whether your computer PC running out without disk space, you can choose to delete all or particular restore files to make free disk space on your Windows computer.

Note: Before you deleting restore points, you have to be safe, in this article we refer how to delete the restore point, not to get an earlier date. This article recommends only that your computer out of space then only you can delete all the restore points.

Delete restore points single or All Drive in Windows 10 PC:

* Type Sysdm.cpl through the start menu or taskbar and Enter to load Open System Properties dialog.

* System Protection tab–>Protection Settings and choose the drive –>Configure button–>Ok. In this function that restore points will be a separate to each and every drive on your computer PC.

* Restore Settings–>Turn on system protection–>Disk Space Usage–>Delete–>Ok–>Continue once you see the warning dialog box that will be a final settlement for you to delete all restore points the preferred disk space.

Delete particular restore points in Windows 10:

There is a chance to delete particular restore points rather than deleting all the restore points. But the Windows 10 doesn’t come with selected to delete the restore points, you can hire third-party application to perform this function.

Check it out Restore Point Creator, it comes free and supporting Windows 10 users to control system restore points to make delete single position of restore points. This tool brings easy option and compatible with Windows 10. You can download this tool from their official website.

That’s it.

Via: Into Windows 

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