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Live streaming becoming more popular in social media platforms — For example: We can point Facebook, Twitter which connects through Periscope and these all pushing their profile within time. And these all social site follows the same footpath, but at the same time Instagram joining in this party. Whoever is using Instagram they are welcome to add friends through live broadcasts, and the main thing within live you can add your followers. This one make on both ways to chat.

Now, let’s start with live video through adding the friends.

If you don’t know to connect the feature, Instagram brings a easy way to make go live. You have to do just swipe on the right of the main screen to load the camera settings. At the bottom you can find ”Live” settings, if the camera isn’t ready, tap ”Start Live Video.”

After you have done, you need to connect with viewers, at least one person has to connect with your live video. Instagram sends notification to the followers, so the followers can link up with you. If you see one or more than followers, all you have to do tap the smiley-faces located at the bottom on the right hand side which is displayed. Find the follower and tap on them. And they send us link to you. Now you are ready to go live.

Once your account holder accepts your link, Instagram suddenly split the screen into two, and you both will be displayed on the screen. At the same time other followers can see both of you.

Once you have complete the go live, you can put tap ”End” located on the top right corner once you prompted, again tap ”End Live Video” and your Live Stream Video will disconnect. That’s it.

Source: Instagram Press

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