If you use Apple there are lack of features behind comparing with Google, it can understand your words and guide you where you need to reach exact place. Anyway, now the result has to come very simple for checking the flight status.

You have a few choice to track your flight in the air from your iOS compatible phone device. First of all, if you have iOS 9 and later version then this feature follows through the Messages app from your iPhone. The second one which is arriving in iOS 11 and treats in Safari browser.

Track your flight status with Messages:

Let’s check it out always through register mobile which you receive a confirmation SMS from your airline where you are traveling to the flight. Otherwise, you received from others about flight info as a message. Here you can check it out to get a non-stop message upto the travel.

* Load Messages

* Check out your messages about flight details

* If you find an airline name and flight number, you can press on the details or use 3D Touch on it. The Flight Tracker window opens immediately with clean information.

You can choose some other ways like a type and send the flight name and number continue with a single message. After that you can press and hold those messages once you see the pop-up message display to select the Preview Flight. This one uses in anywhere through on Mail and few other services.

Track Your Flight Status Using With iOS 11:

With iOS 11, you are using a new option which may help you to track info about your flight status with a support of Safari and Spotlight. iOS 11 will support to display flight information and you can see on your Spotlight widget.
As you above the read same thing that you need to add the flight name and number in Safari’s address bar. The top one will display straightaway on your map where you are finding the flight status.

That’s it.

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