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Recently, that Microsoft made his announcement that goes to shut down Windows Phone, because nowadays the mobile platform are increased a double in the mobile market. That’s why Windows are now linked with Android and iOS phone.

This option comes much easier, which you can drive through Settings app. To make the settings to your phone, go ahead Settings–>Phone. After that click ‘Add a Phone’ to make a connection.

The new window will be appear to drive more function. First thing first, you need to add your mobile number to receive the link through text message. And now your phone uses the link to install from the play store or App store.

If you are using an Android phone, then it comes through Cortana, but the function still in beta mode, another side you need download and install Microsoft Apps and Microsoft Launcher to link the PC.

Windows Cortana now on Android and iOS:

To activate the link, you need to login with same Microsoft Account to all devices. Once your phone has Cortana, and you can go through to link your PC. You can find a small dialogue ‘Upcoming’ that will point you to make connect Cortana in your computer PC. Once you click Connect that will explore the network coverage. To make verification, which is linked to your computer, you need to move on Settings–>Phone and make sure the device has been shown.

From Your Android or iOS phone, go to the Settings–>Cortana and choose ‘Cross Device.’ and here you can control the notification which synchronizes around the devices. And also you will receive SMS and Calls from your computer when your phone connects to your PC.

Next, you need to enable ‘Continue on PC’, once you download Microsoft Apps. It will add Continue to PC feature to the device’s sharing menu. So your phone receives anything that will find on your PC once you hit the sharing button. In the same notification you can ‘Continue Later’ which may help you to send minimum information to the Action Center the connect PCs.

That’s it.

Via: The Windows Club

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