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Windows 10 brings you color filters to support users to see the content on screen more dynamically. In this article, you can learn step-by-step to set up on it.

The new features and their update bring more productive and safe, and the Windows 10 Fall Creators Upate increase more enhancement to ready operating system to access for Windows users without distracting, and the new color filters on the way to them.

In this Windows 10 Fall Creators Update, you walk through to apply a new update feature Color filters that get more improvement to update.

Apply Color Filters on Windows 10:

* Load Settings

* Ease of Access

* Color & high contrast

* Under Color filters–>Apply color filter

* In the drop-down menu, choose color filters that you want to use. The available color filters.

1. Grayscale

2. Invert

3. Grayscale Inverted

4. Deuteranopia

5. Protanopia

6. Tritanopia

After you have done, the color filter will set automatically on your device to see different type of elements on your Windows screen. Even, you can disable or enable the color filters through shortcut Windows Key + Ctrl +C keyboard on your Windows 10, you don’t have to pass into the Settings app. This new color filter feature available your Windows 10 v 1709.

That’s it.

Via: Windowscentral

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