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The recent effort has taken from eBay to the users buy and sell the items, through from eBay adding a new search image tools. The name has mentioned Image Search and Find it on eBay, this two option will make much easier to search exact product that you want to buy coming day.

The site TechCrunch says, that eBay rolled out a two option which helps to sell the items through visual search tools. Both image tools bring against words, so you want to pick up the content to find the product. Alternatively, eBay will give users clue through images.

Using Image Search it may support eBay users to capture and upload to find the product on the site. If you already set the image on your camera machine, or take a fresh photo, and the eBay returns a list of the product if the image matches to their product. This may help your items to bring up earlier whether you need to buy or sell items.

Another feature, Find It on eBay any user who find the image on the web. That you can share on your eBay, and the search tool rolled out back the similar items. You don’t want mixed wise products.

Both of this function now works on your Android and iOS device as well. You are going to use Find It on eBay feature that works on your Android. If you are a desktop user and then you are out of luck.

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Via: MakeUseOf

Image Credit: Cheon Fong Liew / Flickr

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