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It has been taken a long time to reach on Android phone. Finally, the company Netflix released a new DVD app to the world, who use a smart phone device. The main concept of this you manage the DVD queue from your phone. This app already runs successfully on iPhone and iPad.

As the result, that Netflix has more than 4 million users subscribed to on material DVD rental service. Another side the number of people has been decreased into streaming video which has been taken off, but at the same time still the DVD has popular junk -specially who never like to watch movies on the web.

To make more advance, Netflix brings a new DVD Netflix app for Android phones. It can help to browse the whole categories which have been created with multiple titles. Even, user can find personalized recommendations to make search popular actor and TV channels, and more that you can earn.

Through on this you can select the movies that you want to make a queue, and Netflix may support to send into the disc for free shipping. Once you have done, you will get notification about your new DVD or Blue-ray on the way.

If you are interested with the Netflix DVD subscription then it comes $4.99/month, if you are first, then you will get a one month free service. To make download this DVD Netflix you have to go to the play store to make successful.

That’s it.

Source: DVD Netflix

Via: Phandroid

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