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The newly arrived iPhone X carries an OLED screen, now you have to think about that how the device directs the battery consumption when you use black and white wallpaper. But you can go deeply whatever it comes. Before arriving iPhone X the device has already settled down with Low Power Mode, but you can find some more settings that you can trigger to generate Ultra Low Power Mode.

* When it comes to black and white wallpaper, the Apple well prepared with default mode. You can find through Settings–>Wallpaper–>Choose a New Wallpaper–>Stills. While doing this way you can set on your home screen and lock screen.

* Next, you go and turn on grayscale, Settings–>General–>Accessibility–>Display Accommodations–>Color Filters. Once you reach Accessibility Settings, scroll down until you never see Accessibility Shortcut. Arrange the shortcut to Smart Invert Colors. Where you can turn on or off with a triple click on your home button. But if your phone model iPhone X then the home button isn’t available you need to Sleep/wake button.

* Finally. You can turn on Low Power Mode. And your device iPhone X, you just swipe down on the right ear located on the top to search Control Center. And you can tap on the battery icon.

Doing this way still no one has a pretty idea to save the consumption from your phone battery. In case, you are in difficult you can try these settings on your iPhone X.

That’s it.

Via: The Mac Observer

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